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Our Story

Our Mindful Mama, Janet Roberts is a career abstract painter. A four time Cancer survivor, and a social crusader for at-risk children and mentoring programs worldwide. Her art has proven to heal and bring purpose to patrons, health institutions and wellness centers. Being her biggest fans, and watching her blend her own unique magic to everything she creates, we felt an obligation to use her catalog of images and transport them to magic eco mats. Being mindful ourselves, in our daily practice, a meditation/yoga/prayer/beach/fitness/stretch/home/life mat seemed only appropriate.
We were raised to seek truth, be authentic, find magic in the stillness and share beauty. We sisters hope your soles and your soul are nourished by your new “emotional real estate” which is just too pretty to roll up. And can we just tell you how grateful we are that a portion of our proceeds help benefit kids in need!!!!
To learn more about about Mindful Mama, please visit her at or follow her on instagram @janetrobertsfineart.



Recyclable, eco sustainable, green.

Our mats are made from completely recyclable material, free of PVC and plastics and fumes. We are doing our part to keep rubber and old tires from our landfills. Each mat is 1/4” deep and very sticky, which we adore. The mats are 24 x 72”, and are created in California. Mindful Mama, Janet Roberts has hand signed each mat on the front right corner . Cleaning is a breeze with gentle soap and a sponge, your cleaning wipes or simply hosing it down and hanging it to dry. We girls believe in our mindful practice, not mind full…. and we love easy and pretty. And for all our little yoga babes out there, we must keep our planet healthy!


*We put love and intention into each product we create, and all mats are inspected prior to leaving our warehouse. Because we print to order and give a percentage of your mats proceeds to The Mindful Life Project, we do not accept returns.

If you have any questions about our mats, please feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to help in any way we can!






Hannah is mom to crazy 5 year old Colton. She is a rock star Esthetician and just got her blue advanced belt in Taekwondo. She owns Train Insane Gym in Anaheim, California with her husband, Geoff. She’s our most athletic sister. Hannah is hilarious and real. She talks about the struggles with postpartum depression, trying to find a balance as a mother and working woman, making herself a priority, and always trying to be the best version of herself.

Follow her fitness journey on Instagram @insanebikinimomma if you need a good laugh..or a clean recipe. 



Leah is mom to Peyton and Abby, and stepson Phoenix. She’s always managed to be a career woman while juggling being a mom. She started her work in fashion over 12 years ago, and has worked for many fun companies like Seven for all Mankind, Michael Stars, and NYDJ. Leah is a fire wife married to Fireman/Paramedic, Jysiah. She’s the hardest working woman we know. She's an Excel master and she’s the only woman that can wear 5 inch heels while pregnant. Leah will forever stand her ground and have your back. 

Follow her story on Instagram @mrsleah_davis while she figures out how to be a new mom 8 years later. 



Amanda has been called "Bear" for the majority of her life. She is the most fabulous sister. She lives in Los Angeles, is married to funny comedian Josh, works for Show Me Your Mumu, is a spin instructor, an ex celebrity assistant (you may have seen her in the tabloids mistaken for Jeremy Piven's girlfriend), and hangs with the coolest people. Bear brunches in Malibu, eats avocado toast, and has the cutest closet. 

Follow her fun life and her fabulous legs on Instagram @amanda_macuga



Belle is the youngest sister, yet she seems to have it together more than any of us! She’s a college student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she is studying nutrition. More importantly, she wants to help women who struggle with eating disorders. Belle is a master yogi and mindful meditator. She is a spiritual goddess, always finding time to balance her chakras. Belle is enlightened beyond her years and inspires us all to feel more self love. 

Follow this mindful, young warrior on Instagram @belles.and.whistles.