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Giving Back

The Mindful Life Project-Giving Back
Over the last several decades we have watched our mindful mentor Mama host painting workshops for at-risk kids and donate a portion of her painting proceeds to undeserved communities. Seeing the enormous impact this made, and the over 1.8 million dollars raised, we girls knew we must mold our little engine that could in the same shape. Committed to nurturing the wellness of children with mentoring, mindfulness, meditation, breathing, yoga, field trips with nature, outings on horseback, and with art, we have pledged to partner with The Mindful Life Project, as they share our same vision for a richer, more peaceful connectedness. A portion of your mindful mat purchase today will help this program thrive and develop the empowered, inner lives of children living and growing in at-risk communities throughout our country. Because when we care about every child, every mind, we grow a united, more enriched and beautiful world, together. And isn’t that what we all ultimately wish for when we quiet our minds?
Please take a moment to watch the making of our "Rise Up" mat which was a collaboration we did with The Mindful Life Project and the at risk youth of Richmond, Ca. It was by far the most heartfelt workshop we've done so far, and we are very proud to share it with you.
 For more info on how they bring yoga, meditation, expressive arts, music and mindfulness to at risk communities, please visit their website .